What is the way for preventing a break up

Have we not always heard the mayor pronounced the famous phrase: “for better and for worse” when celebrating a wedding? As a result, it is undeniable that 2 people who agree to form a couple for love will know in the course of their journey, periods that will not always be happy.

Thus, the article we propose, will look at some tips to prevent a break up so that it doesn’t lead to a separation.

The origin of crises in a couple

The crises in couples come from multiple horizons. If they are considered as the result of certain physical or moral acts; it is none the less true that their true origin is divergence, faults, or even misunderstanding. Indeed, lack of will, non-respect, insubordination, lack of temperance and many others are all factors that can lead or promote the establishment of a crisis between lovers. Events are then felt in the most unexpected way.

prevent a break up

Know how to control yourself

During a crisis between two partners, it is necessary and very important to know how to stop a break up from one’s thoughts and actions at the same time against each other. Although acts are often recognized as the physical expression of thought, there is still a need for good control over each of these notions. Indeed, although in a period of crisis, partners must avoid having ideas or taking actions that will only make the crisis worse.

Do not think too much about the problem, take care of it, be entertained are things that can make it possible to establish this two-dimensional control.

The magic of dialogue

Dialogue is the way a couple in crises can find a new balance and begin to curb the breakthrough. Here, both partners must adopt a listening attitude and conduct a chat and not a fight to avoid a break up. They will have to ask themselves, for example, what is the real cause of the crisis, how to eradicate it and what resolutions to take to avoid returning to the same situation.

Compromises and the way out of the crisis

Couples’ crises often arise from an accumulation of mistakes by one or both partners. So here, there is reason to think of the method of compromise for preventing a break up.

However, these promises and compromises not only serve to lower the tension, but they are also the testimony of a new commitment, a new contract without having to go through separation.

In the final analysis, we will say that, despite the difficulty to support each other in times of tension or crisis; only the partners can really work by their will, to avoid leading to a total dissolution of the couple.