Shunned by the Society? There are Things you Can Do

shunned by family

Being ignored by someone is always a painful experience, and deciding how to act in this type of situation can be quite confusing, especially when you do not know if you have been ignored voluntarily or not. To find out what steps you need to take, consider if the person in question is not doing it regularly and evaluate their communication style.

Understanding the reason why people shunned by society will help you react in a healthy and proactive way.

Seeking to understand the reason for these silent treatments

Ask yourself why people behave this way to you

Maybe you’re ignoring you involuntarily, or maybe people are doing it intentionally. Think about your last conversation with the person who treats you like this or the time you were being shunned by family members: Was she angry or hostile towards you? Did you say something that might have offended her? If this is the case, it is likely that the person is still rehashing what happened.

On the other hand, if you had been very friendly during your last meeting, it is very likely that something else is the cause. One of the reason is the person is too busy studying for a test or has become completely obsessed with a new passion.

shunned by society

Talk to a third person

If a friend or colleague does not know you, ask another friend or colleague you have in common with that person if they have any idea of what might explain your case. This friend in common might be able to identify or explain why the person is doing this.

Maybe you angered her without knowing it, but instead of telling you directly in person, she simply decided to ignore you to avoid a new conflict.

A third person may be able to analyze the situation more objectively and help you understand what is really shunning mean and what’s exactly going on.

Talk to the person directly

Confront that person who ignores you and tell him you want to talk to him privately. In a quiet, private place, quietly say this: “I wonder why you’ve been ignoring me for a while. Show evidence of what you are saying, for example if it does not respond to your calls or emails, or does not seem interested in what you are saying at all. Listen carefully to his explanation.

Identify any manipulative behavior

Maybe there is a good explanation for all this, if for example it happened for the first time. However, if a friend or colleague knows you quite frequently and in different ways, it may take pleasure in it. He may also use the blow of silence to excuse you or cause you to acquiesce in a certain demand. Finally, he could do something to weaken you: he could say something like this: If you really knew me or if you loved me as you say, you would not have asked me that question. All the preceding examples reveal a narcissistic personality that must be identified and not taken into account.

Judge the actions of the person

Suppose you face the person and that she tells you to understand how you feel. Maybe she even apologized for her behavior, but soon after, she ignores you again. In this case, you must understand that she is not honest and that she does not really care to maintain a healthy relationship with you, you must be aware of the consequences beforehand to get rid of psychological effects of shunning.