How to Know that Your Date is a Sociopath?

your date is a sociopath

You just put yourself with a new guy, and you feel like he’s the man of your life. It must be said that it is particularly beautiful and intelligent, and that it seems to please everyone around you. Be careful, however, it could be that your guy is actually a sociopath who conceals his true personality under what is called “a metaphorical mask”, to take advantage of you in any way!

You have to be thinking that “am I dating a sociopath”? To identify is my boyfriend a sociopath or not, here are the signs that prove that your guy is a sociopath.

A huge ego

Unable to imagine that their concerns stem directly from their own choices, sociopaths are professionals when it comes to blaming others for their personal failures! With their disproportionate ego, they are not able to think that the fault comes from their person, and always blame their mistakes on others.

sociopath boyfriend

Braised look that he never diverts

In general, the look of a man says a lot about his desires and his character. While a shy or simply disinterested person will tend to look away in the event of eye contact with another individual, the sociopath keeps his eyes riveted to those of the person who interests him for one reason or another.

The sociopath boyfriend constantly makes sure to enjoy a psychological ascendancy directly linked to the insistence of his gaze!

Spends all his time manipulating

A sociopath does not seek to have friends, because that would mean that he sees these people as his equals, but that is never the case. It can pretend to evolve into a microcosm of friends who will appreciate it because it will have a lot of qualities that work perfectly in society; but if he has the signs of a sociopath boyfriend in this way, it is inevitably to answer a desire.

Does not seem to feel remorse

Whatever actions they do, sociopaths will feel neither shame nor remorse. Indeed, the regrets for the traits of a sociopath boyfriend are generally dedicated to people who feel empathy towards others, and they are completely devoid of it.

Their knowledge of the emotional remains of the domain of the hypothetical and the concept, they cannot understand the “interest” to have remorse.

Go against the rules

Social norms do not exist for living with a sociopath boyfriend, it is he who creates his own rules and he does not accept to follow the game of others. He gradually develops a particularly developed spirit of contradiction, even if his natural pragmatism may push him to accept certain propositions emanating from other individuals.

Can mingle with any group

His manipulative side can push him to become embedded in a group of people. With his oratorical skills, he will be quickly integrated into this sphere. His extensive knowledge of a wide range of topics allows him to mingle with almost any financial and social class, without going for an intruder. However, to act in this way, he must see a personal interest of course!